The Leadership Program identifies and nurtures existing and potential community leaders, increasing their knowledge of the community and community issues while enhancing their individual effectiveness through exposure to leadership characteristics.


To create an expanding base of knowledgeable citizens and leaders

To prompt broader citizen involvement by providing a forum for educated debate and an opportunity for participants to strengthen their inherent leadership skills

To provide a forum for meeting with and hearing from key community leaders to learn about programs and services, as well as the critical issues facing our communities

In addition to providing an informational forum, to also provide networking opportunities with key community leaders, class members, and graduates of the Leadership program.

How are the goals accomplished?

  • Monthly Leadership program days
  • Opportunities for learning more and/or becoming directly involved
  • Connections with Leadership graduates


Leadership Opens Doors

Participants in Leadership meet key leaders in the government, corporate, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. The experience includes face-to-face, give-and-take seminar sessions, excursions, and behind-the-scenes tours and visitations that show firsthand how successful people connect and interact. Networking is encouraged and expected.

Leadership Develops Community

Every community depends on dedicated, knowledgeable and effective leaders. Leadership helps identify them, develop their skills, and returns them to their communities with the information and confidence they need to help their employers and colleagues improve.

Leadership Fosters Personal Growth

Graduates come from every walk of life. The list of participants, career, and employment backgrounds knows no bounds. Scores of government agencies, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and cities themselves have opened their doors to Leadership participants.

Leadership Has Community Support

Citizens and government representatives established Leadership in 1989 to give current and future leaders knowledge and experience of how business, community organizations, and governments interact in the central San Francisco Peninsula. Leadership Graduates have gone on to public office or put their knowledge to work improving their communities, businesses and professional lives.

“Leadership has produced a solid group of knowledgeable, dedicated individuals to serve our community. Graduates have gone on to serve non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, and city commissions.”

-Susan Loftus, Former San Mateo City Manager-