Last Name First Name Class Affiliation at Time of Graduation
Calice Therese 1996 Foster City
Callagy Deputy Chief Mike 2005 City of San Mateo – Police Department
Canning Michele 2007 Samaritan House
Cannon James (Jim) 2007 San Mateo County Board of Education
Carlson Charlotte 1998 Foster City
Carlson Bea 2001 Bayporte Financial
Carter Gigi 2008 Peninsula Family YMCA
Castagno James 1992 San Mateo County Transit District
Castagno Kris 1997 Pan American Bank
Cesena Kris 2012 Auto Medics
Chan Susanna 2008 City of San Mateo
Chappelle Kristi 1995 Foster City
Chargualaf, Jr. Manny 2011 Peninsula Family Service Agency
Chiang Sandra 1993 First Interstate Bank, Foster City
Chow William 2005 ReMax Today, Inc.
Christensen Diane 1993 Steiner’s Jewelry
Christian Lisa 2000 Peninsula Family YMCA
Christianson Shawn 2010 Hillsborough City School District Board
Chuang Marie 2005 Community Member – Hillsborough
Cisneros Marcy 2001 Sor Juana Ines
Claire Mike 2004 College of San Mateo
Claussen Mark 2006 Carpenter’s Local #217
Cleary Chonita 2000 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Cohen Russ 2003 Anvil Communications
Cohn-Lyle Marcia 1998 San Mateo Union High School District
Coleman John 1994 Dean Witter Reynolds
Collette Tom 1998 Community Member – San Mateo
Collins David 2012 Kaiser Permanente
Colvin Diana 2002 San Mateo County Event Center
Condon Gene 2003 Condon & Sons Lumber
Connolly Kathleen 2000 Sunrise Assisted Living of San Mateo
Cooper Lisa 1998 Shelter Network
Council Sandy 2009 City of San Mateo
Courtin Craig 2008 Foster City Police Department
Creighton James 1999 Creighton Law Offices
Crispieri (Deceased) Jean 1995 City of San Mateo Public Library
Crumb Lottie May 1994 Samaritan House
Culver David 2012 City of San Mateo
Cutler-Claussen Erin 1999 College of San Mateo
Dahle Helyn 2002 Cell Genesys, Inc.
Dailey, Sr. Thomas 1994 City of San Mateo – Fire Department
Daly Denise 1996 City of Burlingame
Dambrosio Sue 2012 Community Member
Darata Linda 2000 Mission Hospice, Inc
Daughtry Tom 2009 City of San Mateo – Police Department
Davis Steve 2000 City of San Mateo
Davis Michael 1991 Fitness Plus
De Luna Shawn 1994 County Credit Control Company
Decker Jeanne 2006 Foster Enterprises
Del Monte Rachel 2012 Peninsula Family YMCA
Del Pero Gayl 1999 Mary Kay Cosmetics
Delaney John 2009 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Della Maggiora Louise 2002 BFI – Recyclery
Depriest Brian 2000 DES Architectes & Engineers
DeSmidt Dave 1998 Banner Printing
Desmond Patrick 1998 San Mateo County Event Center
Dewes Roger 1998 Coldwell Banker
Diamond Elizabeth 1995 City of San Mateo
Diawara Karifa 2005 Ellwood Espina Ferrell
Divito Coleen 1991 Hill, Schwartz, Stenson
Dixon Barry 1999 The Gap
Dolan Deirdre 2007 City of Burlingame- HR
Dombrowski Judy 2004 Concar Enterprises, Inc.
Dorais Norman 2007 Foster City Public Works
Dornell Donald 2002 City of Burlingame – Fire Department
Downs Jeffrey 2008 City of Burlingame – Police Department
Draper John 1992 Crystal Springs Uplands School
Droz Steven 2009 RE/MAX Today
Duarte Paula 2009 Kaiser Permanente
Dunn Katherine 1991 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Dyson-Weaver Linda 1997 Allan Automatic Fire Sprinkler Corp.