Last Name First Name Class Affiliation at Time of Graduation
Radding Michael 1995 Shelter Network
Radetich Larry 1998 AT & T
Rahill Tolmasoff Juda 2002 San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Randrup Mary 2006 Randrup Architecture & Design
Ray Denise 1997 Samaritan House
Reams Darla 2000 City of San Mateo
Reasoner David 1997 Dean Witter
Reed Harvey 2000 Foster City Police Department
Reynolds Sue 2003 Foster City Chamber of Commerce
Rich Chip 1994 Peninsula Family YMCA
Rios America 2002 San Mateo-Foster City School District
Robinson Tyrone 1995 California Water Service
Rocha Ruiz Maria 1999 San Mateo-Foster City School District
Rodricks Robin 2010 Community Member – San Mateo
Roecks Janice 2006 College of San Mateo
Rogers Melanie 1999 DES Architects & Engineers
Romero Carlos 2011 Samaritan House
Rosas Joan 2009 San Mateo Foster City School District
Rose Janet 2006 Mission Hospice, Inc
Ross Brooke 2000 Second Harvest Food Bank
Ross Barbara 2004 Jorgensen / Siebel Systems
Rue Maria 2010 Olive Grove Consulting, LLC
Rust – Greaves Cynthia 2011 Sutter Health – Peninsula Region
Sager Skyler 2010 Fox, Shjeflo, Hartley & Babu LLP
Salazar Beth 1995 Peninsula Family YMCA
Sallee Normandy Liza 2005 Doubletree Hotel-SF Airport
Sanchez Bertha 1995 Home Association of North Central San Mateo
Sanchez Tim 1996 Smith Barney
Scanlan Dan 1996 City of San Mateo – Police Department
Schell Heidi 2003 American Lung Association SF & SM
Schepers Michael 2011 Cemetery Property Resales, Inc.
Schoening Joan 2003 Foster City
Schreurs Cynthia 2009 Law Offices of Cynthia L. Schreurs
Schuckman Perry 1991 Samaritan House
Schuette Lynn-Marie 1997 Project FOCYS
Schultz Monica 2007 Peninsula Library Systems
Schwartz Randy 1997 City of Burlingame – Park & Recreation Department
Scott Clifton 1999 The Raiser Organization
Scott Jim 2010 Foster City Fire Department
Sears -Turri Jamie 2011 J’me Boutique
Serafin-Dickson Francine 2007 Hospital Consortium of SMCounty
Serrato Lt. Caroline 2010 Town of Hillsborough Police Dept.
Seto Paul 2007 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Sevier Constance 1998 Community Member – San Mateo
Shepley Don 2003 City of Burlingame – Police Department
Shew Angel 2008 Kaiser Permanente
Shields Arlene 2004 Foster City TV
Shong Brad 2006 Franklin Templeton Investments
Shrewsbury Cheryl 2005 San Mateo-Foster City School District
Silva Cynthia 2003 First National Bank of Northern California
Silver Susan 2003 San Mateo-Foster City School District
Simi Gina 2007 Bay Meadows Land Company
Siminitus Vince 2009 Peninsula Family YMCA
Skillings Thomas 2010 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Smith Melodie 1995 Battered Women’s Services
Smith Jaime 2006 Elwood Espina Ferrell, LLP.
Snideman Laura 2008 City of San Mateo
Soliman Mona 2010 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Southorn Beth 2000 Shelter Network
Stanford, Jr. Virgil 2005 College of San Mateo
Stangl John 1994 City of San Mateo – Police Department
Steen Jaymie 1998 Community Gatepath
Steinbel Adrienne 1998 Elwood Espina Ferrell
Stephens Linda 1993 Bandar Covall & Compnay
Stewart Migliore Janet 1995 College of Notre Dame
Stewart-Carballo Harold 1997 North Central Elementary Institute
Stinson Paula 2009 Housing Endowment and Regional Trust HEART of San Mateo County
Stoehr Dana 2007 San Mateo County Event Center
Stokley Jan 2007 Child Care Coordinating Council of SMC
Stone Ann 1991 Teacher, Retired
Strachan Lorna 1999 San Mateo County
Streeter Sandra 1995 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Stupplebeen Points Jennifer 1998 American Speedy Printing
Sullivan Geri 2007 Community Member – San Mateo
Sullivan Patrick 1992 Liberty Realty
Sutherland Christina 1991 Shelter Network
Swackhamer William 1992 William D. Swackhamer, CPA