Last Name First Name Class Affiliation at Time of Graduation
Tatum-Davis Brenda 2008 Peninsula Family YMCA
Thein Carol 1992 Hare, Brewer & Kelly
Thornton LeAnn 2004 Town of Hillsborough Police Department
Thorsen Michelle 2001 San Mateo Chamber of Commerce
Ting Jason 2010 Merrill Lynch
Tognetti Bruce 2000 Foster City Police Department
Toler Steve 2005 Foster City
Tolu Angelka 2000 Elwood Espina Ferrell, LLP
Tolve Kathryn 1993 Community Member
Topping Sharon 2004 American Heart Association
Torgerson Carol 2005 Foster City Chamber of Commerce
Torre Phil 1995 Foster City Fire Department
Tosetti Dante 2004 Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
Totaro Susan 2010 San Mateo Foster City School District
Towne Ramon 2006 Foster City
Tremain Karen 1994 College of San Mateo
Tribuzi Linda 1991 Ungermann-Bass, Inc.
Truong Donna 2001 Peninsula Library System
Van Etten Jack 2003 City of Burlingame – Police Department
Velasquez Michael 2003 City of San Mateo – Fire Department
Violett Lee 1994 City of San Mateo – Police Department
Vistica (Deceased) Stan 2006 City of Burlingame – Planning Commission