Leadership Program | FAQ
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1. What is Leadership?

Leadership San Mateo, Foster City, Burlingame, Hillsborough is an educational program of the four cities and the San Mateo, Foster City, and Burlingame Chambers of Commerce.

2. What is Leadership all about?

The Leadership Program identifies, nurtures and connects existing and potential community leaders, increasing their knowledge of the community and community issues while enhancing their individual effectiveness through development of leadership skills.

The goals of the program are:

• To create an expanding base of knowledgeable citizens and leaders

• To prompt broader citizen involvement by providing a forum for educated debate and an opportunity for participants to strengthen their inherent leadership skills

• To provide a forum for meeting with and hearing from key community leaders to learn about programs and services, as well as the critical issues facing our communities

• In addition to providing an informational forum, to also provide networking opportunities with key community leaders, class members, and graduates of the Leadership program.

3. Why Should I consider the Leadership Program?

If you are interested in learning about how your city and county operate and you want to meet current public, private, and non-profit leaders who work to meet the various needs of people in our county, this program is for you. If you’re considering becoming more engaged in any aspect of our community, the Leadership Program will expose you to current issues and needs where you can add value. Or if you are new to a current leadership role and want to increase your leadership skills, or connect with other local leaders, you’ll find this program invaluable.

4. When did this program start and how many people have completed Leadership?

The first class graduated in June 1991. After twenty six classes, graduates number over 700. Leadership grads have made impressive contributions in their personal and professional lives, and many have committed to public service.

5. How many people are selected to attend each year?

Each Class has 30 – 35 participants that come from the private, nonprofit, community and public sectors.

6. When does Leadership meet?

Leadership kicks off with a two day leadership development and community orientation on the second Friday and Saturday of September. This opening retreat is required for program participation. After the orientation,Leadership is held on one Friday each month, usually the second Friday of the month from October through June.

7. What will be covered during the program days?

Leadership is unlike any other training or educational experience. Each Program Day focuses on a different topic and is comprised of presentations, field trips, and interactive activities. Program Days feature: Education; Police Services & the Judicial System; Fire & Emergency Preparedness; Arts & Media; Health and Healthy Communities; Government; Business and Economic Development; Human Services; Planning, Housing & Transportation: and the Environment.

8. Who facilitates these Program Days?

Local leaders in these fields facilitate each session. The class will make site visits to a number of important community facilities and have the opportunity to interact with leaders in each of these areas.

9. Do I have to attend all of the Program Days?

To successfully complete the Leadership Program, a participant is expected to attend all sessions and participate in the Skill Development groups. Our attendance policy allows for two absences. Please note, three occurrences of late arrival or early departure will be considered as two absences.

10. How will we connect with community issues and other Class participants?

Each Program Day is led by current leaders in our community who facilitate panel discussions and invite speakers to inform you about current community issues. There are numerous opportunities to connect to your fellow classmates in problem solving activities and by working in “Personal Leadership Skill Development” groups, a source for peer mentoring.

11. When is the  Application window?

Each year applications are accepted from February through May for consideration for next year’s class.

12. Where can I find more information and the application?

Applications will be available in February. For more information please contact our Program Director: Margi Power 650.401.2444 margi@leadershipprogram.net