What is Leadership?

Leadership is a program of the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Burlingame and Foster City Chambers and includes the four participating cities of San Mateo, Foster City, Burlingame and the Town of Hillsborough. Leadership is affiliated with the national Community Leadership Association and California Association of Leadership programs.

What is it all about?

The mission of Leadership is: “To identify and nurture existing and potential community leaders, increasing their knowledge of the community and community issues while enhancing their individual effectiveness through exposure to leadership characteristics.”

When did this program start and how many people have completed Leadership?

The first Class graduated in June 1991. The Class of 2016 is our 25th graduating class! After twenty five classes, graduates number over 650. Leadership grads have made impressive contributions in their personal and professional lives, and many have committed to public service.

How many people will be in the Class?

Each Class has 30 – 35 participants that come from the private, nonprofit, community and public sectors.

When does Leadership meet?

Leadership kicks off with a two day leadership development and community orientation on the second Friday and Saturday of September 2016.

After the orientation, Leadership is held on one Friday each month, usually the second Friday of the month from October through

What will be covered?

Leadership is unlike any other training or educational experience. Each Program Day focuses on a different topic and is comprised of presentations, field trips, and interactive activities. Program Days feature: Education; Police Services & the Judicial System; Fire & Emergency Preparedness; Arts & Media; Health and Healthy Communities; Government; Business and Economic Development; Human Services; Planning, Housing & Transportation: and the Environment.

Who facilitates these Program Days?

Local leaders in these fields facilitate each session. The class will make site visits to a number of important community facilities and have the opportunity to interact with leaders in each of these areas.

How will we connect with community issues and other Class participants?

Leadership includes a collaborative Community Issue & Engagement Group project. The goals of the issue group projects are to develop and enhance leadership skills; learn in depth about one community issue; and experience leadership in a voluntary, non-work setting.

When is the Class of 2017 Application window?

Applications for the Class of 2017 are being accepted starting April 1st, 2016 and must be submitted by May 31st 2016 for consideration for next year’s class.

Where can I find more information and the application?

Additional information and the current application are available on the Leadership website: www.LeadershipProgram.net or by contacting the Leadership office, at 650.401.2444 or info@leadershipprogram.net.