Covid-19 - Leadership Program
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Dear Leadership Community,

We want to thank you. If you are part of the Leadership community as a class member, alumnus, board member, curriculum committee member, speaker, or prospective student – then chances are, you are on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. Members of our Leadership community are running emergency services, hospitals, essential nonprofits and businesses. Thank you. Thank you for putting your skills to work for all of us. This crisis shines a light on the importance of exceptional leadership in our community.

We are incredibly grateful to all the workers on the frontline of this crisis.

For those of you who have come to our website seeking resources, here are a few vital links that can provide you with information on where to find assistance for both nonprofits and businesses, as well as links to how you can help if you have time and energy to spare.

For prospective students, we are accepting applications for next year’s class. These are uncertain times. If we do not proceed with a class for next year for any reason, we will refund your application fee.

If we can be of assistance to you or your organization in any way, please feel free to contact us.

Margi Power                                              Kaarin Hardy 

Executive Director                                   Director of Development and Alumni Engagement