FAQ - Leadership Program
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1. What is Leadership?

Leadership is an educational program of the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce.

2. What is Leadership all about?

At the Leadership Program, we believe everyone has a role to play in shaping the future of their communities.

The Leadership Program provides a diverse group of leaders with an opportunity to build better and stronger communities, and grow their leadership potential in the process.

3. Why should I consider the Leadership Program?

If you are interested in learning about how the public, private, and nonprofit organizations in your city and county operate, and you want to meet leaders who work to meet the various needs of people in our county, this program is for you.  If you’re considering becoming more engaged in any aspect of our community, the Leadership Program will expose you to current issues and needs where you can add value. Or if you are new to a current leadership role and want to increase your leadership skills and connect with other local leaders, you’ll find this program invaluable.

4. When did this program start and how many people have
completed Leadership?

The first class graduated in June 1991. Graduates number over 850. Leadership Program graduates have made impressive contributions in their personal and professional lives, and many have committed to public service.

5. How many people are selected to attend each year?

Each class has 25 – 30 participants that come from the private, nonprofit, community, and public sectors.

6. When does Leadership meet?

Leadership kicks off with an opening retreat and orientation in August. Attendance at this opening retreat is required of all program participants.

After the opening retreat, Leadership is held on one Friday each month from September through May.

*All program days are from 9am-1pm unless otherwise noted.

The dates for the class of 2022-23 are:

Thursday 8/25/2022 5pm – 7pm Networking Event
Friday 8/26/2022 9am – 4pm Opening Retreat
Friday 9/15/2022 9am – 1pm Future of Work
Friday 10/20/2022 9am – 1pm Housing
Friday 11/18/2022 9am – 1pm Education: A Shifting Landscape
Friday 12/16/2022 9am – 1pm Rethinking Public Safety
Friday 1/20/2023 9am – 1pm Understanding and Addressing Racial Injustice
Friday 2/17/2023 9am – 1pm Information, Civic Engagement and Our Democracy
Friday 3/17/2023 9am – 1pm Mental Health
Friday 4/21/2023 9am – 1pm Climate Change: Local Impacts, Local Solutions
Friday 5/19/2023 9am – 4 pm Closing Retreat and Graduation


7. What will be covered during the program days?

Leadership is unlike any other training or educational experience. Each program day focuses on a different topic and is comprised of presentations, field trips, and interactive activities.

8. Do I have to attend all of the program days?

To successfully complete the Leadership Program, a participant is expected to attend all sessions, participate in group trainings and individual coaching sessions. Our attendance policy allows for two absences. Please note, three occurrences of late arrival or early departure will be considered as two absences.

9. How will we connect with community issues and other class

Each program day is led by current leaders in our community who facilitate panel discussions and invite speakers to inform you about current community issues. There are numerous opportunities to connect to your fellow classmates in problem-solving activities and by working in “Leadership Learning” groups, a source for peer mentoring.

10. To what extent do alumni get together and how do they stay
involved with the program?

The most recent graduating class hosts the Welcome Reception for the incoming class and alumni each year. This is a great way to connect incoming class participants and alumni. We invite all graduates to convene for both informal, social gatherings, and more formal discussion topics of interest. We hope that alumni will agree to serve on our many committees and give back to the program with their time and financial support.

11. When is the next application window?

Applications for the 2022-23 class are being accepted now. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2022.

12. Where can I find more information and the application?

Additional information and the current application are available on the Leadership Program website:  www.LeadershipProgram.net.